Services to Members

Promotion of 'Tropical Expertise'

Our research and discussions with buyers of goods and services indicates that the concept of Northern Australia's tropical expertise is received favourably since it 'makes sense' to use techniques and methods that are directly relevant to tropical conditions.

TropLinks continued promotion of the concept assists strongly in marketing of goods and services branded under the umbrella of tropical expertise.  TropLinks actively assists members to capitalise on the concept of tropical expertise by:

Business Services

TropLinks can provide you with a range of business support services to help grow your business into international markets.  All initial guidance is offered free of charge to members and additional intensive assistance can be arranged on a simple fee for service basis through our expert panel of service providers.  TropLinks maintains quality control over any assignment to ensure member satisfaction.

Business services offered to members as part of their membership fee include:

Consortia Building Services

TropLinks works with members to identify opportunities and build collaborative consortia so they can tender for projects which are beyond the scope of smaller members to bid for individually or which require specific expertise which even larger organisations may lack.

Forming consortia also allows members to pursue larger projects where complementary capabilities are needed for a range of services.  Groups will be formed through domestic or international linkages or a combination of both.  TropLinks offers members:

Funding, grants and capital raising services

TropLinks helps members find appropriate funding, grants or capital raising opportunities to assist with their business growth.  This support includes an exclusive member's only section within our website where the most up-to-date information about government and industry funding initiatives and grant programs are available.

TropLinks also assists members with:

Networking and Marketing services

As part of TropLinks ongoing networking and marketing services, members are encouraged to participate in:

Growing Tropical Economies